Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yellow rice bento bento #1

This bento inspired by Japanese blog. I made it more simplify. 
inside the box: yellow rice with cheese and seaweed as deco, fried bee hoon, fried tempe and fried chicken

My son loves to eat yellow rice so these are other bentos that I made using yellow rice


  1. Your bento boxes look so cute and lovely.

    How can you decorate like this? I can feel they smile with me. Thanks you

    One question: the yellow rice is bought from market or you made it? if you made it, can you show me how to make? Thanks


  2. Thank you Lee Hana, sorry for my late reply. Yeah I made the character smile to brightened my sons days, as you see school nowadays it is not like my school time. It's longer and harder:(

    Sorry I can not show you as I'm too lazy to make the Yellow rice so I bought them in the market^-^.

    thank you for stooping at my blog, looking forward for your comment ^-^