Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snoopy n Friends * bento #7

I found bento blog  made snoopy in various way.  So I decide to make snoopy bento and turn out lovely. Thakyou, really inspired blog.

Inside the box:
Snoopy made of white rice with nori n kani for detail, Charlie brown made of rice mix with sweet soy sauce with egg sheet and nori for detail. woodstock made of half boiled egg with nori for detail
Stir fry veggie, fried potato, minced shrimp and pork (hekeng) 

Below also another snoopy bento inspired from the same blog. It is not easy to make nori for their faces. However it turn out ok.. he..he..

inside the box
linus: rice mixed with tomato sauce
schoeder n charlie brown: rice mixed with sweet soy sauce
snoopy: white with kani for detail 
white curry chicken, bergedel, fried beehun

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